Aug. 18 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

There was more rain in Dora area the past week, and weeds are thriving along with the crops. One dairy owner said the rain made it harder on the cattle and on those feeding and doing the milking, but said the moisture is needed and it is growing feed. He had no complaints, only facts.

Sunday, Dusty Leatherwood came to give the morning service and was accompanied by his wife.

Our new pastor and his family, Bro. Butch, Elaine and son, Garrett Schnieder, were unable to be here for this Sunday’s services due to the Baptist Church in Montalba, Texas, hosted a going away party for them on Sunday, which they delayed their departure. They arrived in Dora on Monday.
His first services will be on Sunday. Everyone is invited to come welcome them to Dora and get acquainted and of course worship with the rest of us.

Billy Hays had a misfortune this past week that resulted in some broken bones. We pray he has a speedy recovery.

Will be delivered in Dora on Wednesday in the afternoon.

World Trip
Jerry Jones grew up in Dora in the 50s and 60s before going to Australia in 1985 with his wife, Jenny, and children, Logan and Alexandra, for a music missionary. They served 17 years there before moving to Richmond, Va. in 2002. He is now with the mission department of Virginia Baptist convention. He is the team leader of “Global Missions and Evangelism.” He recently returned from a work related trip that took him to France, Italy, China and South Korea.
The Virginia Baptists are in partnership with these and other countries in spreading God’s word. He is the son of Opal and Helen Jones and brother of David Jones of Dora.

Charlie Sez
Keep praying for our Nation, leaders and our troops, and for peace here and in Israel.