Aug. 25 Elida News

By Nita Thurman

Birthdays Aug. 28-Sept. 3: Taylor Boone, Jim Southard, Trisha Morris Trollinger, Will Anthony, Johnny Chavez, Hershel Dixon, Charles Good, Lisa Harris, Bobby Reed, Lisa Graves, Brett Hamilton, Emma Jasso, Kenneth Dixon and Jesse Ward.
Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Creighton.

Saturday night’s game night at the Baptist Church was a farewell party for Bro. Herb Gage, who has resigned the Elida Church to take a church in the Las Vegas, N.M. church. We will surely miss him and wish him God’s speed in this new church and challenge.

There will be a fifth Sunday singing at the Baptist Church evening service. If you would like to share your talents give Brian Tabor a call to get your name on the list.

Around Town
Our sympathies to the families of Vera Rogers on their recent loss; Bob Evans is reported to be very ill.
Others to keep on your prayer list: Cherie and G. E. Peterson, Nadene and Harding Burris, Montie and Fern Cochrain, Joe Claude Moore, A. T. King, Jonell Standfer, Kent Winders, Bennie Thurman, David and Delma Graves, Wayne and Wanda Chenualt, those in area nursing homes, our overseas personnel and the leaders of our nation’s governments.