Aug. 29 Dora School News

By Charlie Carmichael

The enrollment in the Dora School is growing as days pass. It sure is nice to see new faces in the cafeteria at noon and equally as nice to see all our returning familiar students.

Fair Week
You can sure tell it’s the week of our County Fair with so many students out to be there showing their projects. Good luck to each of you.

Home Economics Needs
The instructor, Jo Beth Massey, wrote this request of our parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends. The Dora High School’s home economics class is asking for donations. Any cotton or cotton/poly craps you can donate for the students quilting project. If you have any please call 477-2211 or drop them by the school. The quilts will be donated to the Shelter for Domestic Violence or the nursing home. They need these donations ASAP so they can get started on this. Thanks in advance for your response.

The girls volleyball games do not start until in September. I do not have a schedule yet. The new menu/schedule sheets should be ready this week.

There are several teachers (subs) this week while Mr. Kit Pettigrew, Tawnya Craig and others are working at the fair. We have several Jr. High and High school students out also. Mr. Evans and Lezlie Privett are a couple subbing. Also Petra was taking Tawnya’s place at the lunchroom computer for the elementary and Mary Ella Caviness for the High school students. Thing will not settle down much until after the State Fair.

Last week’s answer/correction: He was (were) sure he knew (knowed) the answer. (were and knowed were the incorrect words used last week.)
This week: If I say “hold your horses,” what do I really mean?