PHS drama club ready for new season

By Laurie Stone

The act of engaging in theatrical drama is something everyone has practiced whether they are wise to it or not.
Bill Strong, the Drama teacher at the Portales High School, said, “Acting is an imitation of life and life teaches people how to perform.”
Strong said acting exists everywhere. If a child pretends to be sick and avoids school, for example, that child has successfully created a reality that someone else believes — a real life form of acting.
Strong tries to incorporate real-life lessons into theater at the school.
“Students learn to communicate what they feel which helps them mature exposing who they are,” he explained. “They learn how to speak in public, how to present themselves before and audience, how to express themselves in different ways which builds their confidence and their moral.”
The drama department will perform “Holy Cannoli,” its first production of the semester, at 7 p.m., Nov. 12-14 at the Memorial Building. The department has several other shows throughout the year, and might try to work out a dinner theater as well.
Portales High offers four classes that provide educational techniques used in theater such as; introduction to theater, advisory class, technical theater and acting class. These classes use the curriculum of English, History, Chemistry and Calculus differently than the usual classroom setting, which broaden the perspective of each individual student by making them think out of the box.
“Drama students are different from other kids because they’re more expressive, confident about who they are and they dress more outrageously because they are comfortable with themselves,” Strong said.
Charles Britton, senior and drama student at the PHS, plans to major in Performance Theater and from there become a professional actor. He described the theater as, “one of those things that once you start you won’t want to stop.
“It’s and outlet for laughter and tears,” Britton added.