Sept. 8 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

There was a little more rain on Saturday night, so it was a Godsend on the fresh green wheat sprigs emerging from mother earth. It sure was nice on the seeds that are being sown now in other fields. It would be nice if could all be done in a day when the moisture is right, but seems God know best always, so He just sent this shower to prove He knows and cares.

Labor Day
Monday was labor Day and government office and banks were closed. However, most everyone else was busy. When I saw the people in Florida working on fallen trees, etc. it sort of made me thankful I only had fallen leaves to rake. I’m proud some of our New Mexicans have gone down to aid them in recovery from Charlie and Frances destruction. Now Ivan is out there and could follow in their path. We need to pray for them for protection as this one approaches and maybe it will stay on the water.

Eight youth and three sponsors spent the past weekend at the youth conference in Glorietta. They returned Monday night. They are sponsored by Mike and Laqueda Chavez, and were accompanied on this trip also by Kathleen Taylor.

Prayer opportunities
For our Dora Baptist pastor and family and for the Church of Christ preacher’s family.
For Ivy Wall Hays recovering from hip replacement; Dan Buzard as he takes chemotherapy treatments; for Kristi Ledbetter as she takes dialysis while waiting on kidney surgery; Tracy Price recovering from accident; for all others recovering from accidents, therapies and treatments at nursing homes, in hospitals or at home; our schools, military personnel, national leaders of every level, and for peace in America, our allies and Israel.

Charlie Sez
State missions week is Sept. 12-18. Pray for all who witness.