Sept. 12 Dora School News

By Charlie Carmichael

We have several new students this year and have had new ones start even on Wednesday. We welcome each of you. We have 227 enrolled so far I’m told. I see new faces in the cafeteria and some really cute, nice preschoolers don’t get to come to the cafeteria, but those kindergartners are precious.
The preschoolers’ lunches are catered in a rolling chest over to the elementary building.

We had several teachers who were involved in our county fair and are now in the State Fair, so have had several regular subs helping out. Irene Jasso, who formerly of our staff but quit for the past few years to enjoy the grandkids and take some time for the family, has been substituting at Dora. She said it seemed like old times coming to the cafeteria for our cooks’ food. The Jasso kids all graduated from Dora.

Amanda Forrer left our school last year because of the illness and death of her grandpa, Henry Forrer. While he was in the hospital in Lubbock she moved to Floydada, Texas to live with her parents. Amanda recently married over there and her parents have moved to Phoenix. The grandmother moved to Lubbock to be near Henry while he was in the hospital so long.

The volleyball team hosts Dora here Monday at 4 p.m. It will be in Portales for a tournament Sept. 24-25. Other upcoming games are at Floyd (Sept. 27) and Fort Sumner (Sept. 30), both at 4:30 p.m.

The school board meeting has been moved to Thursday.

For assistance after hours our superintendent, Jim Reed can be reached at 760-9795.

Left Behind
Numerous sweaters, jackets and coats have been left in the past if they are yours, please pick them up or they will be donated to the needy.

Needed Listeners
Parents or grandparents are needed to volunteer to listen to our students read and help them an hour or so as you can. Please call 477-2216 or 477-2211 for details.