Residents weigh in on presidential race

By Stephanie Ramirez: PNT Correspondent

The presidential election is just two months away and New Mexico is considered a key state by both Democrats and Republicans.
Here’s what a few Portales residents are thinking about the race and who they plan to vote for between George W. Bush and John Kerry:
• Marcia Brooks, 66, retired: “Bush. I feel that he would be a stronger president in terms of war and defense, so I’m going to vote for him.”
• Brett Trembly, 23, Eastern New Mexico University student body president: “Bush. I think our economy is on the upswing, and I feel America is safe and I like our position in the United Nations and in the world. I think we should give Bush four more years.”
• Kristina Aguirre, ENMU student: “Definitely Kerry. I am in agreement with his views, and think he would be a wonderful change for America. He is well educated, comes from a good background and I feel he is willing to help out the Hispanic community.”
• Steven Strong, 37, railroad worker: “I will be voting for Kerry in this election. I don’t trust the president we have now.”
• Martin Tapia, 38, unemployed: “I’m voting for Bush because so far I like what he’s done and feel comfortable with him as our president.”
• Rosalie Pacheco, 51, housewife: “I’m still unsure, however, I think Bush has done a pretty good job. Besides going to war I think that he’s done just as good of a job as any other president.”
• Cody Scott, 19, ENMU student: “I plan to vote for President Bush because I think that he is concerned about issues that I too care about. Since I come from an agricultural background and plan to continue with this way of life, I feel that Bush will do a better job of looking after me than Kerry will.”
• Donna Jones, 55, disabled: “I haven’t really decided. I really like Bush but I heard that he may not let people get paid overtime, and I have a strong dislike for Kerry. But who knows. Bush did a damn good job getting Saddam.”
• Bryan Moore, 21, ENMU student: “Well I’m from Texas so I have to support my fellow Texan. He’s done a good job thus far and I’m sure he’ll do an even better job if he’s re-elected.”