Sept. 15 Dora/South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

This beautiful weather has really been wonderful on all the crops maturing as well as the freshly planted wheat. I believe the moisture has met as the farmers used to say after a good rain. These warm-dry days are just what the cotton needs, however, the peanuts are being watered to keep them plump as they mature.

Hospital News
Billie Simnacher called me and said their son, Pat, had a liver transplant in Oklahoma City last Tuesday. He is doing great so far and Billie, his mother, ask for me to put him on our prayer list, so remember him and his needs. His address is: Pat Simnacher; 9717 NW 10th St. Lot 245; Oklahoma City, OK 73127. I’m sure he would appreciate a card or note of well wishes from his old school pals at Dora. Pat and his sister, Linda are both Dora grads.
Tracey Price continues to do really well following her accident three weeks ago and should be able to come to her mother’s for assisted care for now. She will be here this week. Keep her on the prayer list also as she continues to take therapy.
Ivy Hays is in the hospital now so she can have the rehab therapy she needs to fully recover from her recent hip replacement. So continue to remember her needs for prayers also. Her address for cards is her daughter’s home in Lubbock: Juanita Woolam; 3801 36th St.; Lubbock, TX 79413 or her phone number in her hospital room is (806) 725-3526.

Special Prayers
Claude Cone’s cancer surgery, BCNM’s executive director and several others in hospitals, rehab, nursing homes, chemo treatment and dialysis as well as recovering from accidents.

From the youth returning from the youth trip to Glorietta.
For all the memorials for those who lost their lives 9-11 three years ago. Also for our troops and Nations we continue to see His leadership.

Charlie Sez
Don’t forget today is the national “see you at the pole” day for prayers for America and for peace in Israel. If you can’t be at the pole pray from where you are at that time.