Sept 22 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

More wonderful rain fell Sunday and Monday in the area and was a great boost to crops, grass, gardens and weeds. I hear there is a little cotton with some boles beginning to open. There are some of the largest milo heads this year that I’ve ever seen. We need more time before frost comes to really produce well.

Praise Reports
Bill Victor is continuing to improve. Nancy Tivis is home from Oklahoma and her liver transplant has been a miracle, according to her doctor there. She is able to spend some time at she store each day. Ivy Hays is now out of the hospital following hip surgery. She is at her daughter’s home for a few days. Billy Hays is doing well now also. Wilma Wilhoit asks prayer for a granddaughter. There are others who are in care facilities and in home care who need our prayers.

Fall Food Festival
October is the month to contribute food for our children’s home. Any kind of staples or paper goods are needed along with soaps and cleaners. Please take the items to your local church to be delivered.

Today is the day to come get your commodities in the afternoon.

I was born in Royston, Texas in 1919. We moved from there when I was about five, so it has been about 80 years since we lived there. My brother called me Saturday to tell me some town lots are going to be sold soon that are still in my dad’s name in Royston. He died in 1971 and there was no knowledge of our ever having property there, 80 years later. I only wonder what the delinquent taxes are on it.

Charlie Sez
Marriage Sunday was on Sunday and we need to call our representatives to let them know how we feel about it. The vote on the issue is next week. Call me for names and numbers to call at 356-9104.