Oct. 10 Portales Junior High News

By Billie Dixon

School closes two days
Students and staff alike celebrate Monday in honor of Christopher Columbus. Students also have Tuesday off while teachers participate in professional development trainings.

Volleyball seasonends
Both the seventh and eighth grade “A” teams head to Clovis to face Yucca Tuesday. Then on Friday and Saturday they will compete in the Marshall tournament to wrap up the season.
Football schedule
Tuesday finds the seventh grade football team hosting Marshall on Ram Field. Thursday the eighth grade teams will host Marshall’s eighth grade. Both seventh and eighth grade teams have one more game next week to end the season.
Library bond issue
Voters will have the opportunity to vote for Bond “C” on the November ballot. This bond, if passed, will provide the following amounts: Portales Public Library- $59,146; Broad Horizons School, $5,559; Brown Elementary, $7,845; James Elementary, $9,132; Lindsey Middle School, $6,860; Portales High School $10,973; Portales Junior High School, $8,467; Steiner Elementary, $7,206; and Valencia Elementary, $8,821. Also funded will be all publicly-funded libraries. This includes public schools, public libraries, and academic libraries.