Oct. 13 Dora/South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Rain in all areas but the rain and hail was not in the southern area. The storm that swept through the Dora/Rogers area last Tuesday morning was pretty bad for some time. Some areas are more stripped than others from the hail. Weeds along fences and in bar ditches along N.M. 206 are really beat up from Dora north on past road 14. The crops leaves are really tattered in some fields and I’m sure was some grain damage. However, it still looks good to me. It is still the best we have had in so many years on dry land farms. Some have told me there was so much water in the fields was impossible to see if any grain knocked out of the heads.

Praises and prayer needs
Charessa Martin, a school student who had an emergency appendectomy, is doing fine.
Kristi Ledbetter is home now for recuperation from a hospital stay.
Ivy Wall Hays came home Sunday and is doing well.
Ronnie Woods (formerly Duraite) is in a hospital in Lubbock.
Nathan Taylor’s mother ill with cancer.

To all the family of Elvin Walker. Elvin had lived in Denton, Texas the past few years to be near some of the sons and families. He passed away on Thursday night there from pneumonia. He and Johnnie raised their sons in the Rogers area here. They were members of the Dora Baptist for years, where Elvin served as a deacon as long as his health permitted. The family are each loved and appreciated here and have many precious memories. We pray God comforts them in their time of need.

Dora/Elida Baptist
The Dora and Elida churches work together on Monday to co-host the luncheon for the BSU at Eastern. Our pastor, Bro. Butch Schneider was the cook to take care of hamburgers for everyone.