Students unite for bible study

By Laurie Stone

Four students affiliated with The Thomas Moore Outreach Ministry on Campus at Eastern New Mexico University have stepped into a place of leadership to unite people for God in a nondenominational Bible study.
Rev. Tobin Hitt encouraged Rodrick Chambers of Victory Life Church, Lucero Tirado and Fide Davalos of St. Helen’s Catholic Church and Tamika Thomas of First Church of God in Clovis to work together as a universal church encouraging people who love the Lord to grow stronger.
Hitt is a priest for St. Helen Catholic Church.
Chambers said this Bible study is an opportunity to bring people together for fellowship.
“Fellowship builds faith through the testimony of other believers that God is working throughout his children no matter where they are in their walk with him,” said Chambers.
He said opening yourself up and “being real” in order to identify with another person is what people sharing their faith need from their spiritual leaders.
“When it comes to sharing the Lord, I want to be as real as I possibly can to communicate Christ,” said Chambers.
The purpose of the Bible study is to create an atmosphere unlike the preaching and lecturing style seen in other settings.
“We want to show people that God is bigger than any denomination, and that no one particular church has a monopoly over God,” said Chambers.
The directors of the Bible study chose to approach their study of Christ in an uncommon way that is more interactive and fun.
“When you attend our Bible studies, you never know what to expect,” said Davalos. “We use presentations, videos, skits, and demonstrations to reveal the mysteries of God in a way that everyone can understand.”
The goal of the nondenominational Bible study, according to Tirado, is to get the word out that God is in college watching over you.
“We study the Bible and the promises left for us to inherit,” she said.
Recent topics discussed in the meetings have been: knowing God’s voice, differences between being a sheep and a goat and the meaning of revival.
“There are many different religions on campus,” said Thomas. “We wanted to have a place where everyone could come together an unite on common ground.”