Oct. 20 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Peanut harvest is well underway now. Don’t know if are dry enough to thrash yet but should all be dry and waiting.
Some hay has already been cut and is also waiting until it can be ailed.
There is sure some good cotton opening fast, by the time the peanuts and hay are finished the farmers will be busy pulling and getting the bales to the gins.
A farmer can’t count his profit until it’s all finished and marketed.

On Thursday morning Mavis Carmichael said it looked like snow, the frost was so beautiful. However, it did not kill crops, but just sort of chilled the air.

Some ranchers and others in the area have killed a few rattlesnakes lately. Everyone needs to sort of watch the snakes are probably sluggish on these cool days, and might bite without a warning.

Wedding shower
There will be a wedding shower for Trey and Christal Ainsworth on Sunday at the Dora Community Building at 2 p.m. They married recently and the bride is from Texas. Trey was raised on the Ainsworth Ranch south of Milnesand and then East of Rogers. They are living on the Ranch east of Rogers now.
Everyone is invited to the shower.

Charlie Sez
Only a few days until time to get out and vote. Remember voting is a wonderful privilege, but it is a responsibility as a good citizen.