Oct. 31 Broad Horizons News

Broad Horizons has a variety of learning opportunities for students. One class that we are particularly proud of this week is the “Leadership Service Learners.”
The students of this class have organized and are conducting several different types of fund raising drives to support service to the community.
On Friday, they had a school wide bake sale to boost their support for the “Pennies for Patients” which goes to support New Mexico’s Cancer victims. This class is also collecting aluminum cans through March of 2005 to support this effort.
Portales’ Food Pantry, which puts together food baskets for the needy during the Holiday season, will also benefit from these student’s efforts. If you are interested in assisting their efforts, non-perishable food items or aluminum cans may be dropped off at BHEC, located at 1034 Community Way.
Also on Friday, the Students and Staff celebrated their school pride and spirit by having “Cat Day.” In recognition of the schools founder James Lion, BHEC’s mascot is the Lion. Students and teachers painted their faces and dressed most interestingly to show their school spirit throughout the school day.