Oct. 31 Dora School News

By Charlie Carmichael

So far we have been really lucky in our school. There may have been a few coughs or sniffles, but no flu that I know. Just hope their parents keep orange juice, pineapple juice and vitamins on hand to keep their immune system up. The only thing just remember to be very careful about vitamin A. It can be easy to overdose on those unless they are water miscible pearls of pollack liver oil. Keep your students healthy so they won’t get sick and miss school when the cold weather comes.

The season is just about ready to move on from volleyball into boys and girls basketball season. So, everyone needs to get geared up for cool nights and trips to these games.

Principal Barron
The principal said his family’s house has not sold yet so he said we had better keep praying. He wants to get the house sold and get a place in these parts so the family can get settled down.

Fletcher back
Welcome have to the Dora School Joe Fletcher. He has taught in Dora High School for several years while also in the National Guard service. He was called on to serve a year or so as a regular, not part time. He returned to his teaching here recently and is good to have him back.

Pumpkin time
Some of the elementary classes had field trips the past few days out to a big pumpkin patch. They had a time and returned for lunch time late and hungry.

Time change
If you forgot to change your clock on Saturday night do it now so your students won’t miss the school bus on Monday morning. Yes, Dora has school Monday — it is a make-up day for the one missed because of so much rain.