Oct. 31 Letters to the Editor

Council supports Bond B
Education Bond Issue B is one of those opportunities that come before us supporting our efforts to continue to improve our community.
Eastern New Mexico University is a tremendous economic and quality-of-life asset to Portales and Roosevelt County. ENMU employs 700 citizens and offers educational opportunities for almost 4,000 students yearly including our children and ourselves.
On Oct. 5 your Portales City Council, by unanimous vote, adopted a resolution supporting Education Bond B. This action endorses growth and success for everyone. Your mayor and city council urge everyone to embrace ENMU by supporting and voting for the Bond Issue B in this election.
We would also like to voice our strong support for Bond Issue C, which is a tremendous benefit to public libraries. If approved, our Portales Public Library will receive $59,146 as part of the $293,005 that will benefit all of Roosevelt County.
Monies from Bond Issue C will benefit all 33 New Mexico counties and will be used to replace outdated, worn-out, and lost books with new, educational materials and electronic resources. Supporting Bond Issue C is also a continued positive step forward to support the vital services that our library delivers to our community.

Portales Mayor Orlando Ortega, Jr.
and members of the Portales City Council

Use your vote wisely for Bush
Kirby Rowan in his Oct. 13 letter is right. We the people can change things; and we started to in 1994 when we finally got a House of Representatives that represented us rather than powerful lobbies, millionaires, large corporations and labor racketeers. This helped lessen the disaster caused under Clinton’s first three years.
Unfortunately, the big government bosses still controlled the Senate and disasters such as Global Crossing and Enron were hatched under Clinton’s watch. We, the people, lucked out in 2000 when the Democrats were unable to steal the close election as they usually do.
Our cowboy president has started our country in the right direction and we, the people, can help him continue with the progress toward freedom and less government dictatorship. We need a Supreme Court that follows our Constitution rather than those of foreigners and does not legislate from the bench.
I think most of us have matured enough to recognize the hot air emanating from the Democrat party and the major news media. As Kirby Rowan says: “We have the vote. Let’s use it wisely.”

Dr. Martin B. Goodwin

Vote to change things
I am more concerned now about the state of our democracy than I have ever been in my 33 years of following politics. (My political awareness began near the end of the Vietnam War, when I turned 18, registered for the draft, and began voting.)
The 2000 presidential contest made clear Bush’s real constituency — the wealthy and the powerful. Taxes were a big issue then, as they are now.
While this country must always passionately debate the amount of taxation, distribution of the tax burden, and use of tax revenue, we must do so responsibly, keeping in mind the interests of all Americans.
Appealing to our selfishness and short sightedness, Bush asked, “Do you want to keep your hard-earned money or do you want to give it to the bureaucrats in Washington?”
That was not a sophisticated argument for cutting taxes and was a very cynical attack on what we should always support and be proud of — our government. Whatever happened to: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country?”
In 2000, Bush’s ideology seemed extreme. I feared a radical change in the direction of our country.
The performance of this administration has exceeded my worst fears. Its policies on taxes, civil liberties, “defense,” international affairs, health care, energy, and the environment have divided this country and jeopardize our reputation as a world leader. This administration has confronted dissent, an essential ingredient of democracy, with arrogance and self-righteousness.
What alarms me more than anything is not President Bush’s ideology; that is his right. It is our lack of attention in this country to certain realities. Too many people might be unknowingly voting away their own chances for a better future.
Please vote for a change.

Ken Leap

Cowboys know we can do better
I was delighted to see a headline in the letters to the editor section in the Portales News-Tribune on Oct. 20 that says it all: “Cowboy president has misled us.”
Yes, the cowboy in the White House’s go-it-alone, damn-the-United Nations, take-the-law-in-your-own-hands approach did mislead us. He misled us into an unnecessary war.
The man in the White House has not led. He has been a misleader, as in the misleader of the free world and as a man who misleads others from the truth, which he either ignores, does not comprehend, or tells as half truths.
The job of the president is to be both commander in chief and the leader of the free world, the latter title being one that no longer applies to the current president.
By misleading the American people (in both senses), it would be even more accurate to say the incumbent has misled the United States, our (diminishing) allies and the rest of the world into a destabilized world that is more vulnerable exactly because he has modeled this kind of behavior, the behavior of desperadoes and lawless men,
Does anyone see a similarity between the Old West and the current terrorists? Is this the kind of government we want to settle for in our (formerly) loved and respected United States?
We can do better, and real cowboys know it. We can return to solid American values that are respected in the world. All it takes is a real leader: a statesman, not an oilman; a thinker, not a reactor; a law-abider, not a scofflaw; a patriot who has fought for his country and will again as president of the United States, John F. Kerry, not a cowboy.

Elizabeth Ann Galligan

Democrat supports Bush
I’m encouraging everyone to re-elect President Bush for four more years.
We need a strong president in this time of war.
Sen. Kerry is like Sen. Ted Kennedy — they’re both ultra-liberals from Massachusetts. They believe in abortion and gay marriages.
President Bush believes marriage is between a man and a woman.
President Bush signed and passed a tax cut two times.
Sen. Kerry wants to raise taxes.
I’m a lifelong Democrat who’s voting for Bush.

Jake West
Fort Sumner