Nov. 7 Broad Horizons News

Entrepreneurship is a class that Broad Horizons offers its students. These students are learning an array of skills that are related to running a business called “Stitch It.” They even have their own business that is operational and ready to serve the public.
They have done everything from the norm like ball caps, shirts and towels to the extraordinary like Christmas stockings and rope bags.
The Entrepreneurship students recently attended a booth at Portales’ Peanut Valley Festival. The students designed and displayed a portfolio of samples. They also incorporated technology skills into the curriculum by designing their own pamphlets and flyers to advertise “Stitch It”. Students utilize business math skills as they obtain and fill orders for customers.
If you are interested in obtaining the services of “Stitch It” and the Entrepreneurship students of Broad Horizons then you may call the school at 356-4254, or come by the school during class time of 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.