Nov. 10 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Nov. 1 was an eventful day at Milnesand. There was a fire department meeting that afternoon and all was going well until Barbara and Wiley Teel were getting around for the meeting. Barbara was not feeling well so Wiley left to go on the meeting and she was to follow (at least that’s the way I understood it happened).
Anyway, Wiley forgot his coat and went back for it. I think they went to the meeting together and she got pretty sick. They decided it was her heart and called for a paramedic to meet the ambulance at Dora. They then took her on to Roosevelt General and on to Lubbock in the ambulance. She had suffered a bad heart attack at a convenient place — the Milnesand Fire and Rescue meeting. So, they took over immediately and from then on it was all as if planned. She got out of ICU on Friday and hopes to get to come home by the middle of this week. There is no telling what would have happened if Wiley hadn’t forgotten his coat and went back home. Barbara is the postmaster at the Milnesand Post Office.

These will be in Milnesand next week, probably on Nov. 18th. You can call the post office later on to see what is set. At this point, we only know that they will be on either Nov. 17 or 18. As soon as more details come in there will be a notice at the post office/store. I do not know what we will get to distribute at this time.

Prayer needs
For Auri Cox, a second grade student at Dora, who lives out northwest of Milnesand, has been sort of ailing the past few days.
For Barbara Teel to have a speedy recovery from her heart attack.

Charlie Sez
Thank God the election is over and life should be back to normal soon.