How to pamper yourself: Let me count the ways

By Helena Rodriguez

Eating peanut butter straight from the jar, spending a whole day in bed and taking a scented bath by candlelight are just a few ways we can pamper ourselves.
With today’s hectic lifestyles, we can all use a little pampering now and then, and we should take a little time to indulge ourselves once in a while. If you need more ideas on how to pamper yourself, I read a great book not too long ago called “2001 Ways to Pamper Yourself” by Lorraine Bodger.
This easy-to-read booklet is filled with some clever little ways to spoil yourself, whether it’s a whole night of watching classic movies or stealing just a few quick moments to throw a tantrum. Yes, you read right. Throwing a much-needed tantrum can be a good way to pamper yourself, according to Bodger, particularly if you’re the type known to bottle things up inside.
Since reading this book, I’ve been thinking of other great ways we can pamper ourselves. This is the kind of tough, hard-hitting, investigative research that yours truly, a veteran journalist by trade, has been buried nose deep into lately.
Like any good researcher, I’ll first share a few more scientifically proven methods of “pampering” yourself from our expert writer, Bodger, before adding my own contributions to this important, promising new field of American research called “pamperology.”
• Treat yourself to a mad shopping spree at a factory outlet or dollar store.
• Have a real Coke instead of a Diet Coke.
• Powder your toes.
• Cry in public. Someone will comfort you (Note: I tried this at home often as a little girl. It works better in public with strangers).
• Dance all night and stroll home at dawn.
• Get a self-defrosting refrigerator.
• If you hate your name, change it.
• Do a great big jigsaw puzzle.
• Paint your fingernails an outrageous color.
• Hire someone to cut the grass.
• Schedule a pleasurable activity right after a difficult one.
• Read a book of cartoons and laugh until your stomach hurts.
• Take tap dancing lessons.
Now for some pampering tips from yours truly. Remember, these are tried and true methods. I’ve invested countless hours of research into these techniques of pamperology. Here it goes:
• Walk away from an argument. That’s right. Just walk away. Slip into another room like nothing happened, with no cares whatsoever on your mind, pick up your favorite magazine and relax.
• Kick off your heels and pantyhose and slip into a flannel nightgown.
• Send your young children to bed 30 minutes early and read an inspirational book. What the heck, send your teenagers, husband, dogs and cats to bed, too. Or better yet, read one of your favorite children’s books — to yourself. Or how about having your child read it to you?
• Pamper yourself with a hearty bowl of menudo or green chili stew.
• Watch unkept hours of Home and Garden Television for decorating ideas and fantasy escapades with HGTV’s “Dream Homes.”
• For the culinary at heart, indulge in what I call “cookertainment,” and watch “Emeril Live.”
• Take a yoga class.
• Plan a girl’s (or boy’s night) out with your friends and tell your children not to wait up for you.
• Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with your friends at a coffee house and share your biggest dreams and aspirations.
• Buy a rich scented candle and designer pillows to place in your favorite reading and relaxing spot.
• Call an old friend for no reason at all and chat as long as you wish.
• In your car, dance and sing along to your favorite song and don’t worry about the strange looks from other drivers, or your children (just be sure to watch the road!).
• Stock up on those gingerbread with almond windmill cookies that Mom always used to buy.
• Buy yourself a Christmas present.
• Be on your couch by 7 p.m. every Monday night to watch “Everybody Loves Raymond.”
Helena Rodriguez is a columnist for Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico. She can be reached at: