Nov. 14 Broad Horizons School News

Students at Broad Horizons have n opportunity to get a headstart into the world of work and modern technology.
Starting in January, Mrs. Griffith-Eakins will instruct a class which will feature computer programs such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook in its curriculum. Interested students may obtain “Microsoft Office” certification while gaining a credit toward their high school graduation. This certification may prove beneficial to these students as they enter into the work force.
Currently, a handful of students are responsible for the creation of the BHEC yearbook. Everything is being done digitally. Students are utilizing programs such as PageMaker and Photoshop. They take all the photos, including senior pictures, and get them developed.
This week students will be meeting with their CAPs (Career Action Planning) advisor to consider their schedule for next semester. This is a chance for students to develop a plan in their pursuit of credits to graduate while supporting their interest and development in a future career. Students have already developed a “Next Step” portfolio, and this meeting will be a continuation to that process.