Nov. 28 Portales Junior High News

By Billie Dixon

Basketball schedules
Monday will find both the seventh-grade girls’ teams and the eighth-grade “A” team heading to Clovis to play the Yucca teams. Tuesday the eighth-grade girls’ “B” team travels to Lea County to play Hobbs.
The boys eighth-grade “A” team and both seventh-grade boys teams host Yucca Monday. On Tuesday the eighth-grade boys’ “B” team heads to Hobbs for court action there.
Santa Rosa calls the boys’ seventh- and eighth-grade “A” teams there for a tournament Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Hoop results
Last week’s Portales Tournament results include both the seventh- and eighth-grade girls’ “A” teams claiming third place. The seventh grade girls “B” team won the consolation bracket.
 In the Friendship Tournament held at Yucca, the Portales eighth grade girls’ “A” team won third place while the boys’ eighth grade team took consolation.
Vertical teams meet Wednesday
Wednesday finds students heading for home at 1 p.m. while vertical teams meet to develop their process flow charts and continue aligning curriculum and working on various aspects of their duties.
Semester ends
Students have only three weeks to complete assignments and study for semester tests for the first half of the year. School dismisses for Christmas break at 1 p.m. Dec. 17.