Dec. 1 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The farmers were thankful for a few days of sunshine last week so they could do a little more in harvesting. Some of the peanut farmers were able to work a couple days getting some out that had been dug for several weeks.
Some farmers have hundreds of acres of hay swathed and are waiting for sunshine for a few days so they can get it into bales. I don’t know if any of it was dry enough or not.
The cotton is still on hold and so is the milo.

Muddy roads
Many dirt roads are still in bad shape. Several didn’t make it out Sunday for worship services. So, school buses may only be able to go on the paved roads for a few days.

Charlie sez
For hundreds of years vinegar has played an important role in maintaining and improving peoples health and appearance. It has been a problem solver for 7,000 years according to Rodale Inc.