Dec. 8 Dora/South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

By this time, most of the peanuts are taken care of. Some have been able to get quiet a lot of cotton in modules the past week. Now if this spell is just short and sweet they should get most of the milo finished also.

Roads improved
The country dirt roads are much better now since the mud holes are drying up. Think the school buses are back doing normal routes again.Church congregations are a little bigger now that people can travel more easily.

Prayer Needs
We have several requests for cancer patients; one awaiting a kidney transplant, one needing a cyst removal from the bladder, three recovering from accidents, one recovering from burns and smoke inhalation, some with illnesses reported, and one with a tongue and throat problem.

Bill Victor is home and doing a lot better now. James Love is in Iraq again by request and Dustin Carmichael is home from Africa today.

To continue prayers, letters and packages and cards to our troops overseas; all men and women in the military everywhere; our Nation and our leaders; the families here at home waiting for troops to return and always for Israel.

Youth float
The area has experienced the coming together of all the church members who helped working on the float with the youth, the decorating of the church of Christmas programs and the prayer warriors that have met several times this past week.

Charlie Sez
It’s a blessing to see how the tie that binds holds our families and communities together in fellowship.