Brock sees self as “writer with light”

By Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Larry Brock, owner of Picture This Studio, has developed a unique eye for beauty as his talent in photography continues to mature.
He said photography has helped him view life differently than ever before.
“I look at a scenery and try to envision how I can capture it on film to show others what I’m feeling,” Brock said. “In many ways I’m a writer — a writer with light.”
He set his sights on being a veterinarian at a young age, but Brock’s destiny took a different turn when he borrowed a friend’s Nikon F camera during his service with the Marines.
“I was curious to see what kind of pictures I could take,” he said.
One week after buying his own camera, Brock sold his first picture to a newspaper in Florida.
Brock began a career as a wildlife photographer traveling to places in Canada, Africa and Alaska taking pictures of animals.
His photos have been published in numerous wildlife magazines such as National Wildlife, Owl and Arizona Highway.
One of his most memorable moments was in 1986, when he sold a picture of a fox to National Geographic for $1,000.
“The biggest thing I try not to do is take a snapshot,” he said. “I try to capture the personality of whatever I’m photographing whether it’s a frog, child or a bride.”
Brock has been taking pictures since 1973, working in a variety of different fields and mediums.
In 1998, Brock established his reputation as a business owner when he built a studio behind his home and called it Picture This Studio.
Karen Van Ruiten is a mother of four children and a customer of Brock’s.
“He’s not your typical photographer,” she said. “Once he met my family at the sand hills for a photo shoot because he wanted to take pictures of my boys on their motorcycles, which is something they’re good at, rather than photograph them posing,” she said.
“If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have any good action shots of my kids.”
Van Ruiten said Brock is extremely creative and thinks outside the box.
Her favorite picture that Brock photographed, is of her daughter at six months old.
“He put angel wings on her back and laid her on a satin cloth.”
During Brock’s senior year in high school, his family was unable to purchase senior pictures for him or his siblings due to the high cost of portraits. Brock said, because of this experience, he tries to keep his prices low because he believes in capturing the important moments that make up a person’s life.
Brock’s future in photography is to continue challenging himself to be a better photographer.
“I hope to continue in this line of work until I can no longer see.”