Former sheriff served others throughout life

By Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Jesse Evetts was a kind and considerate man that lived his life serving others whether in work or deeds.
He died on Dec. 23, 2004.
He worked in law enforcement for a few years and in 1950, he became the sheriff for Roosevelt County and held two terms.
He entered the U. S. Navy to serve in World War II in 1942.
Pat Watson, Evetts daughter, said her father was a great storyteller and his experience in the war was one of the greatest highlights of his life.
He later became a restauranteur when he bought the Twin Cronnie — twice. He sold it to Pat and John Glasscock then bought it back from them — this time keeping it until he retired.
Barbara Sinclair, Evetts daughter, said her dad built the Twin Cronnie business by giving food away to children, the elderly and the handicapped.
“He was very generous,” Sinclair said. “He loved people and those that knew him were his friends for life because his kindness to them was never forgotten.”
Family members said that Evetts contributed to the lives of people in whatever way was needed.
“He was truly a Christian man,” Watson said. “Because he grew up in poverty and lost his father when he was young, he didn’t want others to go through what he went through.”
She said he helped mothers that did not have husbands by buying groceries for them. He payed the rent of people that were near eviction and sat with people at the hospital that had no relatives to keep them company.
Jesse Evetts was born March 19, 1913, in Leon Junction, Texas. He moved to Portales in 1936 and married Amy Hanover of Goodland, Texas, in 1937.