Jan. 12 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

The crops in this area are all out so far as I know and the wheat is looking good, and some are grazing cattle on a few fields.

Good news
Layton Belcher is home now from the hospital. There are good reports on almost everyone who has been on our prayer list for so long.
Nancy Tivis looks great and I saw her a few days ago and she thanked me for keeping people informed on her condition before and after her liver transplant.
Ty Duncan of Texas Tech was in an accident a few days ago and is progressing slowly. His parents, Jimmy and Tana Duncan, still live over near Causey. The boys attended school in Dora until the family moved over near Farwell for a time, before moving back here.

There is some counterfeit money being passed in the area so we are all asked to be alert, and report it if we should get any.

Charlie sez
Laugh yourself into shape. If you make a resolution to exercise, all you have to do is laugh. Laughing uses more muscles at one time than any other activity. According to Ben Franklin’s Alamanac 15 muscles are required just to smile.