Jan. 12 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

I have really got some good reports on the irrigated crops. One dry land farmer’s wife said even after they were hit by hail, then delayed in harvesting because of so much rain, it still beats drought conditions.

These will be distributed on Jan. 19th in Arch, Causey, Milnesand and Dora. Mark your calendar and call your coordinator for time of delivery. If you would like to do a little volunteering with this call me at 356-9104.

Lillie Bell Toombs has retired as postmaster at Pep so Valarie Watson is filling the position for now.

Keep Karen Shelton in your thoughts regarding her loss of Bro. Phillip, who was killed in a car accident during the holidays. Her mailing address is: 4992 17th St., Lubbock, Texas 79416. I’m sure she would appreciate a card from her friends over here.
I got a call before Christmas from Josh Ryan, formerly from the Pep/Milnesand area, and now in Casa Grande, Ariz. He is doing fine and was going to see his dad in Oregon for Christmas. He called again a few days ago and was back home and he asked about a lot of our area people, and said top say hello for him.