Hospital sees revenue slide

By Tony Parra

It may be good news for Portales residents, but bad news for Roosevelt General Hospital officials, as the number of patients seen at RGH went down for November and December.
Kevin Ramage, Roosevelt General Hospital chief financial officer, reported revenue and the number of patients seen for November and December were lower than the projections for both months.
He said there was $1.5 million in revenues for the month of November and $1.572 for the month of December. Ramage said the projection for November and December were approximately $1.7 million.
The numbers for November and December of 2004 are higher than the revenue generated in the months of November ($1.4 million) and December (1.556) of 2003, however, RGH officials were projecting $1.7 million for November and December of 2004 because of the growth of the hospital, such as doctors and services (cardiac therapy and home health).
“Usually we’ll see higher numbers in November and December because of the cold and flu,” Ramage said. “This has been an unusual year.”
Ramage said RGH normally has two physical therapists, but has had to be with only one during November and December and that may also have an effect on the revenue.
Ramage reported a decrease of $200,000 in revenue from October of 2004 to November of 2004. The number of in-patients (patients seen at RGH) was at 6.7 daily in November and 7.4 daily in December. According to Ramage, there was an average of 7.8 patients daily in October.
RGH officials also met with Portales Fire Department fire chief Jesse Mowrer on Thursday to discuss transfer policies and how issues with emergency management service workers are handled.
D’Agostino and Mowrer said they just wanted to make sure they clear up any gray areas in policies and that both departments are on the same page.
“If we (RGH officials) have a complaint about the EMS guys, we will go to Jesse to talk about it,” D’Agostino said.
Mowrer said there is already an excellent relationship between RGH and the Portales Fire Department and Mowrer wants to continue to maintain an excellent relationship.
“One of my highest priority is that we maintain an excellent relationship,” Mowrer said. “A wonderful relationship is key to everything that has gone right for EMS. We want to educate people who are new to the system.”
City Council members confirmed the appointment of interim fire chief Mowrer as the Portales Fire Department fire chief on Nov. 2. Mowrer took over for Steve Beaty, who retired.
D’Agostino said construction on the new medical office building is 88 percent complete and the building is set to be completed by the end of February. D’Agostino gave board members a tour of part of the new facility on Thursday afternoon.
D’Agostino said he will meet with area legislators on Monday in Santa Fe to discuss health care issues, before the legislators begin the session. He said he will talk to them during a banquet held by Roosevelt and Curry County officials for the area representatives.