Page had greatest love for children

By Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Sherry Page had the heart of a nurse, she gave life to everyone that entered her path making them feel unique and significant.
“She enriched the lives of others because she treated all people the same,” said Eric Page, Sherry’s husband. “She had time for people and she knew how to interact with them.”
Sherry Page died on Jan. 5, 2005.
She enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, crocheting, painting and drawing but her greatest love was children.
Sherry worked at the Broad Horizons daycare center before her death. Laura Adkins, Director of Broad Horizons, said Sherry was very effective when working with the children because she always put their needs first.
“She was very nurturing,” said Adkins. “The parents trusted her and the children cuddled with her calling her grandma. She made them feel secure.”
Sherry Page was born on Aug. 7, 1951, in Kansas City, Mo., to Virginia and Robert Smith. She grew up in Pomona, Calif., where she attended school. She married Eric Page in 1977.
She graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Eric said his wife was the first person, in her family, to graduate from college making that moment one of her greatest accomplishments.
Sherry worked at the Wagon Wheel Café in Portales and the Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis but she spent most of her life as a homemaker. Her son, Scott Page, said his mother had the best influence on his life.
“We had a great relationship,” said Scott. “She treated me more like a friend than a son. She was caring and she knew how to listen.”
Sherry had an ability to speak to people in a language they understood, according to family members. She was a peacemaker whose compassion reached the hearts of people rearranging the way they viewed life.
Sherill Sanders, a friend of Sherry’s said that Sherry stood behind people keeping them encouraged until they reached their potential. “She didn’t look at the wrong in people,” said Sanders. “She just believed in them.”