Cannon Timeline

Freedom Newspapers

2003 — Idea for airspace expansion and initial gathering of information.
January 2004 — Air Force officials present airspace expansion proposal to public. Four public meetings held in areas affected by proposed expansion.
Spring 2004 — Air Force gathers information from public meetings, begins analysis of proposal’s impact to environment.
Summer of 2004 — Air Force officials review analysis of environmental impact statement.
Jan. 7 — Environmental impact statement released to public, beginning a 45-day public comment period.
Jan. 24-28 — Legal hearings in Roswell, Clovis, Santa Rosa and Fort Sumner. The legal hearings allow the public to discuss concerns with Air Force officials. A military judge, Lt. Col. Print Maggard of Travis Air Force Base in California, serves as a neutral moderator at the hearings.
Feb. 21 — Last day for public to express concerns regarding proposed airspace expansion.
Feb. 22 — Air Force officials begin to compile final information to be added to the environmental impact statement.
Fall — Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration are expected to either approve or deny the proposal by October.
Implementation — If approved the FAA would decide when the proposal would be implemented.

Source: Cannon Air Force Base Public Affairs