Feb. 9 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

There was another good shower in our area Saturday night and on into Sunday. There was a heavy frost on up Portales way with a fluffy sort of snow mixed in early on Sunday morning.

We were pleasantly surprised Sunday to have Ray and Susan Skipworth and daughter, Sarah come to worship with us at the Baptist Church. They have moved back from Colorado to the Ben Fuller ranch in the Milnesand area. Susan’s mother, Roberta Payne drove out from Portales to be with us also. It was great to have them and welcome them back home.

After church Sunday I stopped by to visit Ivy Wall Hays for a couple hours. She continues as jolly as ever and we really enjoy being together. She is gradually improving and hopes to be back to normal activities soon.
Kevin and Molly Victor’s baby son is doing better.
Kristi Ledbetter had a good report in Albuquerque, on her pre-surgery test, so she is hoping to get her kidney transplant soon.
Elmer Reed’s cousin, Dessie Reed is still waiting for a liver transplant.

Don’t forget to contact Joelie or Tannis Cathey to tell them if and how many of your family members will be attending the Dora Baptist Church’s sweetheart banquet by Thursday. The youth are sponsoring so they can add funds to their mission trips. Tickets are $8 for one or $15 for two. Call in the evenings to: Jolie 477-2248 or Tannis 477-2346.

Charlie sez
Happy Valentine’s Day to each of our friends and readers of our area news.