March 2 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

Sure does seem like spring has sprung, but I imagine it is just a short “Indian Summer” spell. However, the farmers are as busy as can be.
The wheat is looking good. The height of the wheat is pretty relative to whether or not cattle graze in each area.

There have been no selections made for Nicole Phillips’ bridal shower due to the distance and inconvenience of packing to transport articles so far. The ladies decided to give a money tree for them instead. It will still be at the Causey Community Center at 2 p.m. on March 21. The groom is James Carey and they will make their home in Van Buren, Ark., where both are employed.

The brisket luncheon served by the Dora High School chapter of Business Professionals of America Sunday at the school cafeteria was a success. They did quite a few take-out dinners for those who couldn’t come.

Rick and Belinda Wall said they carried his grandmother Ivy to the emergency room in Portales Sunday for a while her blood pressure had been sort of too high on top reading for a few days. So they carried her in and stayed until it was down and seemed to be OK.

Brunch treat
There will be a music program Sunday morning at the Dora Baptist Church. Robin Cox will also present the plan for the week of prayer for missions.

Cowboy revival
Don’t forget the Cowboy Camp meeting to be March 20-23 at the Dora Baptist Church.

Continue support
For all our troops; our government and for peace in Israel.