Shaw provided opportunities for self and others

By Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Name: Kenneth A. Shaw
Born: Jan. 28, 1949
Died: Jan. 23, 2005
Preceded in death by: his parents
Survived by: his wife; a son, Kenneth Michael Shaw of Portales; two daughters, Natasha Shaw of Perrysburg, Ohio, and Amber Shaw of Portales; a grandchild, Dawson Shaw; a brother, Gary Shaw of Edgewood; and a sister, Regina Lee of San Diego.

Kenneth Shaw was born to lead. Of the many positions that he held throughout his life, both great and small, his greatest gift was in providing people, of all ages, opportunities to grow and become better than what they saw themselves becoming.
Kenneth Shaw died Jan. 23, 2005.
He graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 1969 with a degree in education. In the mid-70s he landed his first teaching job on an Indian reservation where he remained for one year.
Maxine Shaw, Kenneth Shaw’s wife, said her husband talked about the children from the reservation all the time.
“He felt working with them was much different from what he was accustomed to,” Maxine said. “But they made quite an impact on him which he never forgot.”
In 1972, Kenneth moved to Texico, where he remained for 21 years as principal, athletic director and varsity basketball coach. The following year on Aug. 11, 1973, in Albuquerque, he married Maxine Lujan.
According to family members, Kenneth was the type of person that loved his family greatly but towards his faculty and students, he was just as dedicated.
In 1992, he became Dora’s high school principal and athletic director and in 1995, he moved to Roy where he became superintendent of the schools.
Kenny Michael Shaw, Kenneth Shaw’s son, said his father instilled good moral values in him along with hard work.
“Dad believed that you should do things right the first time because if you didn’t, then when would you find the time to do it right the second time.” “My dad took pride in what he did and that affected me because of his example,” Kenny said.
Kenneth A. Shaw was born on Jan. 28, 1949, in Raton, to Lorene and James A. Shaw. He graduated from Roy High School in 1965. He then came to Portales to attend ENMU. He retired after 31 years in education in 2001.
After retirement, Maxine said her husband began working for Culture Repaving where he was superintendent of traffic control because he was bored. He had been working on a job in Florida a week before his death.
Shaw had many hobbies, which included fly fishing, hunting and hiking. His interests were more of a family event rather than something that he did by himself.
“He literally taught his children everything that he knew how to do,” Maxine said. “I have awesome kids because of the time he instilled in them.”
Amber Shaw, Kenneth Shaw’s daughter, said there was a lot of laughter in their family because of her father’s sense of humor. One of the more awkward and funny moments dealt with Kenneth’s love for the Uno card game, despite the fact that he was color-blind.
“He’d sometimes put out the wrong color of card but the right number,” Kenny said.