March 16 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Spring weather has come and the grass is rising and the cows are grazing just where it. Only the Lord knows if it is going to come a hard freeze now and nip the wheat heads and kill the fruit on these early blooming trees.

New pastor
There was a service in the Milnesand Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon to ordain Hillrey Beggs. He is now an ordained Deacon for their church. There were several present and following the service at the church, there was a reception in the Milnesand Community Center.

Tracey Price continues to improve and has had no more fluid on the spine so far. The Price and Carmichael families wish to express their thanks for each prayer for her and the phone calls and card to cheer her up.

New information
On Ashley Singletary, Loretta Dicus’ granddaughter in Florida, word reached me today they have found a faulty blood valve that passes through her lungs to get more oxygen for the body. I don’t know just what it is called but the valve is only working part-time causing the seizures when not functioning. She is on medication to see if it can correct the problem. The doctor said she is too young for surgery now.

Wedding shower
Nicole Phillips will not be able to come for Monday’s wedding shower, so there will be a money tree instead of gifts. This is sponsored by the Causey Ladies Club, so you can contact Laverne Coffman for more information.

Charlie sez
The legend and lore of St. Patrick that lived in the fifth century A.D. is that he was kidnapped and enslaved but escaped by walking to freedom.