Whispers can mean so much

By Joan Clayton: PNT Religion Columnist

He first saw me in front of a grocery store… a 13- year- old fat girl wearing ugly glasses eating an ice cream cone. That this tall lanky, handsome kid should even notice me made me believe in miracles. He smiled at me and I smiled back thinking,
Was he really looking at me? At 15 we sat with each other at the Saturday afternoon movies. We saw “Hopalong Cassidy” two or three times.
Our senior year he asked me to go to the junior/senior banquet. It took me all day to get ready. My heart thumped when I heard the doorbell. I opened the door to see the most handsome man in the universe with a corsage in his hand.
The day after graduation Emmitt’s letter from Uncle Sam took him off to war. We both cried. His love letters soothed my heart until his tenure finally ended.
We married after that and that’s when the “whispers in the night” began. I can’t begin to count how many whispers of “I love you” came in my ear. The whispers increased after the births of each of our three sons and when they cried out in the night Emmitt jumped out of bed. Many times I saw him bending down to whisper in little boys’ ears as he tucked them in bed again with “I love you!” 
Some times we awakened with three little boys in bed with us. Imagine my surprise when they started whispering in our ears, “I love you.” The boys are grown now with children of their own. I have the “warm fuzzes” when I see them whispering in their children’s ears. I know what they are whispering.
Do I take these blessings for granted? Not on your life! I have been blessed beyond belief and am forever grateful. Now I want to pass them on to you. Maybe you have not heard whispers in the night, but you can be the “whisperer.” Believe me, it makes a lasting impression upon a life.  The journey of life is not always easy and it requires patience, courage, faith and most of all love.
“Whispers” in the night makes everything right. What seemed so gigantic in the noontime of the day loses its significance in the security of unconditional love. How do I know this?
Many years of marriage testifies to this fact. Yes, we have come through many difficulties. Illnesses, operations, teenage accidents and financial problems can bring unrest to say the least. Yet love remains behind it. Love always triumphs. Love wins over all. The security of the home rests on this one concept. By the way, did you ever try to argue in a whisper?  I’m glad a “soft answer turneth away wrath.” (Proverbs 15:1)
Day or night, everyone can whisper to the Lord. The One who sacrificed his life for you loves to hear your whispers of love and adoration. He longs to have fellowship with you. He not only hears your whisper. If you listen closely you can hear his “still small voice.”  (1 Kings 19:12)
Time spent with God demands priority. If I miss that, my day does not go as well. Being in his presence is a treasure box of blessings. Faith and belief in God makes a priceless inheritance for loved ones. 
I love to whisper to God. I have become a “wife whisperer” and a “grandmother whisperer too.” Feel the joy with me when I hear my children and grandchildren whisper at the end of their phone call: “I love you!” Maybe it isn’t in the middle of the night, but I don’t need it to be because you see, after all these years I still hear that whisper in the middle of the night anyway.