4/3 PJHS News

Spanish spelling bee
Laura Lopez, a student from Lindsey School, took top honors in the Spanish Spelling Bee. Esequiel Rivas, eighth grade student, earned alternate. They will compete at the state level April 16. Contestants must spell the words using the Spanish pronunciation of the alphabet as well as spell the words correctly.
Math team excels
Seaon Shin placed first and Kristina Holt placed fourth in the individual competition against all attending. These two also claimed first and second place respectively in the awards for female competitors.   Shin and Holt then participated in a timed Countdown Round in front of all the students attending. The PJHS team, Ashley Brunson, Kristina Holt, Seaon Shin, and Amanda Tarango also placed third in the team competition.
Science fair results
Got worms? The winners of the junior high science fair Makynsi Whited, Krista Martinez, Kayla Roach, and Eddie Martinez posed this question in their presentation. Alex Strong claimed second place with “designs that fly.”  Crysta Peterson’s “hydrogen electrolysis” presentation earned her third place. Makynsi Whited, Krista Martinez, Kayla Roach, and Eddie Martinez’s project earned them over-all winners in the district.
Parent/Teacher conferences
Principal Steve Harris extends appreciation to all parents who came to school March 14 to visit about their children’s progress. When students, parents, and teachers work as a team, the students reap educational benefits.
All-District band
Jessica Roberts, Kimberly Hilliard, Ashley Brunson, Alex Strong, Nick McLean, Tim Brooks, Crysta Peterson, Scott Kennedy, and Jessie Kirchner earned a trip to Lovington to perform with the All-District band.
Track season opens
Wind canceled the first track meet scheduled last week in Clovis. Tuesday will find the junior high teams headed to Texico for their first competition.