April 6 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The Milnesand community is sponsoring its annual prairie chicken dance festival this weekend from Friday to Sunday. The sign-in on Friday night at the community building. This is usually the biggest event of the year for the community and Country Junction Store plan to the up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings the ritual usually starts real early and is over around 9 or 10 a.m. The antique store will be open for the whole event.

Milnesand Baptist
I’m told the members there had quiet a treat Sunday morning. Rowena Preuitt still drives down there to church and is the pianist. She was late for the opening song so the pastor’s 11-year-old son, Jesse Morgan played Amazing Grace while Barbara Teel led it. He had only taken two lessons and yet he did a great job for the service. Brad Morgan is the pastor there and his family drives out from Portales each Sunday.

Ashley Singletary of Florida (Loretta’s granddaughter) is doing much better now. The medication is helping and heart and body pressure are both back to normal. We are so happy to get this good news. She is in fourth grade and has had to miss school for two or three weeks.