April 20 Letter to the Editor

I participated in the Day of Silence at Eastern New Mexico University on April 13. To those who feel threatened by the gay lifestyle, or think it is morally wrong, I can only say that my participation in this day is not about supporting (or not supporting) any particular lifestyle. For me, the Day of Silence is about treating others with the same respect and dignity that we all want.
As a morbidly obese person, I have suffered prejudice in my own life, and it hurts. It hurts when people look at me and assume things about me instead of trying to understand who I am at the core.
I want people to like me (or not like me) for the woman that I am inside, and not for the way I look, or for my religions preferences, or for my status as a partner in a conventional marriage.
Therefore, my participation in the Day of Silence was (and is) about trying to understand others at their core, and to extend my hand to people who may feel alone.

Gillian F. Andersen