5/22 Public Record

The following criminal dispositions were recently filed in the magistrate court:

• Betty Beckwith, 44, pleaded no contest to aggravated DWI (2nd offense), careless driving and is ordered to serve 8 days in the Roosevelt County Detention Center followed by 356 days supervised probation, allow an ignition interlock device to be installed on any vehicles she has access to for one year, attend the Aspen program and complete 48 hours of community service.
• David Luna, 25, pleaded no contest to driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor and is ordered to serve 90 days supervised probation, attend the Aspen program, complete DWI school and pay all probation costs.
• Anthony S. Lanaro, 21, was found guilty of violating his parole and was ordered to serve one year incarceration in the Department of Corrections followed by one year supervised parole with the condition that he participate in Ford Stanton or Therapeutic Community during his incarceration.
• Dwayne Alton Davis, 22, was found guilty of violating parole and parole is being revoked. If Davis enrolls in an approved college for the fall semester and completes a long term rehabilitation program release will be allowed in August of 2005.
• Randy Robertson, 28, was found guilty of parole violations and is ordered to serve 60 days in the Roosevelt Detention Center after which probation will resume.

The following marriages were recently filed in the Roosevelt County Courthouse:

• Brandon James Bailey, 24, to Alicia Marie Reid, 22
Both of Portales.
• Clay R Anderson, 22, to Korey L Williams, 22
Both of Portales.
• Thomas C Tafoya, 34, to Shirley K Perea, 33
Both of Portales.
• Varen R Daughrity, 35, to Cheryl Marie Galindo, 31
Both of Portales.