6/22 Letters to the Editor

Thank Bush for BRAC situation
On behalf of the hundreds of businesses and the thousands of residents whose economic future are now at risk due to the Base Realignment and Closure process, I want to thank those Curry and Roosevelt county citizens who voted for George W. Bush.
It’s really working out well for our area.
Sure, John Kerry may have promised to halt the BRAC process because of its terrible procedures and Bush and his highly successful Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld may have adamantly promised to continue it, but hey, Bush is a Republican right? They love the military. That John Kerry was almost a traitor, with his service in Vietnam and all.
Sure, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth turned out to be a total fraud, but the election was over by then. Bush-Cheney are the farm and ranch team! And besides, nobody thought it would be our base — just some other poor slobs’ bases.
Now, absent Pete Domenici, we are relying on Democrats to save the life blood of our region.
If Cannon AFB gets off the closure list, it will be no thanks to the Republicans in the White House. Our community members, leaders, and the perception of the BRAC Commission will all deserve credit, but not Republicans. They are the ones who put us here in the first place.
Michael C. Souders

Small town is ideal for a base
I am a military spouse (Army) living in El Paso, Texas, and have no problems putting my name on any comment I make.
Growing up in Clovis, I heard Air Force spouses moan about the shopping, restaurants, and lack of anything to do. Frankly, I blew it off knowing they didn’t want to get involved.
Over the past nine years, Clovis has grown so much and offers just about anything Lubbock or Amarillo can, other than an international airport. As for sports, I loved watching my brother play sports and was at every Clovis High football game for three years.
To those spouses who would not give their names but begged for the closure of Cannon Air Force Base — grow up.
I live in a city with more than 675,000 people. Yes, we have three malls and just about every restaurant that you can imagine.
However, try to get a job here with a nice salary (more than $6.50 an hour) if you aren’t fluent in Spanish. To work in any of the malls or restaurants, you have to be able to converse in Spanish, but they are not required to be fluent in English.
You can expect to pay about $85 per week for child care (per child that is) … and our schools teach to a state-mandated test — not a normal curriculum.
Airmen with families in Clovis are offered better housing than most of the warrant officers and junior officers at Fort Bliss in El Paso, not to mention the enlisted soldiers (of which my husband is one).
Medical care is another thing. We have a severe shortage of physicians in El Paso. We average about 2,500 patients to every family practice physician.
Regardless of whether or not Cannon closes, we will eventually make our way back and retire in the city that we love.
Nikkie A. Rice
El Paso, Texas