Roosevelt youth set to compete at state Little League

By Marc Schoder

The Roosevelt County 11 and 12-year-old all-stars are going back to the state little league championship.
Roosevelt County will face the winner of district four on Saturday at National Field in Carlsbad at 7 p.m. Villanueva added that since many districts are now just finishing up playing their make-up games, Roosevelt probably won’t know which team it is playing until it arrives in Carlsbad.
“The kids worked very hard in practice this year and they believed in themselves,” Sammy Villanueva, coach of Roosevelt County said.
Villanueva said the players were probably a little intimidated at first in the district tournament, but rode timely hitting to get back to the state tournament.
“We had big home runs and the right guys on base at the time they happened,” Villanueva said.
Albert Acosta, one of the team’s coaches, said that the kids were very determined to return to the state tournament after qualifying in 2004.
“The team has worked very hard,” said Acosta. He thought the team had just as good of a chance to make state as in 2004 because it returned good pitching and defense.
Familiarity is also an advantage for Roosevelt. Villanueva said he has had three kids play on his teams since the age of 10.
“I have watched some of these kids grow up and gain a lot of maturity,” said Villanueva. “The kids have worked very hard in practice and believed in themselves.”