School start delayed due to construction

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

he start of classes at Dora Consolidated Schools has been delayed from Thursday to Aug. 18 because of ongoing construction, according to superintendent Jim Reed.
Reed said construction is taking place on a new complex between the high school and elementary buildings.
The complex will have the school library, a conference room and five offices for administration. Reed said the library will be larger than the current one located in the high school and the conference room will be used for ITV (Interactive Television) classes.
Reed said completion of the complex is scheduled for Dec. 12. The school received $2 million from the Public School Facilities Authority of New Mexico for the new building.
He said construction on the high school will start in December. DSA, Inc., a construction-management firm in Cleburne, Texas is doing the construction management of the projects.
Reed said school board members were pleased to hear the news that the district met the adequate yearly progress mandates.
“We’re on track to meet the standards set for 2014,” Reed said. “We graded higher than the annual AYP goal.”
Through the “No Child Left Behind” the goal is to have all students 100 percent proficient by the year 2014. There were 31 students from grades nine and 11 who tested and they graded 61 percent in math, higher than the annual AYP goal of 18.29 percent.
Progress goals are determined for each respective school according to its previous test results.
The same students had a score of 64 percent proficiency, higher than the annual AYP goal of 37 percent in reading.
• The Elida School District also met AYP with 36 students who took the test from grades 7-12. The annual AYP goal of proficiency was 14.42 and students earned a 36.11 percent proficiency in math. In reading, Elida students had a score of 63.89 above the 37.3 annual AYP goal percent.
Jack Burch, superintendent of Elida Schools, said he’s proud of Elida students and said the data will be looked at to see how math scores could be improved. Burch said math teachers will be looking to alter the curriculum to match the requirements from the math testing.
Construction is also taking place at Elida on its new multipurpose building in between the high school and elementary buildings. The building will house a weight room and have a synthetic floor for teams to practice on and elementary students to play on. It will also have a stage for school plays.
Burch said the school received $560,000 for the building from the PSFA of New Mexico.
According to Burch, LCI-2 of Clovis is working on the construction and he is hopeful the building will be completed by February.
• The Floyd School District also met AYP. There were 30 students from grades 9-12 who took the test and they earned a 40 percent proficiency score in math, which was higher than the annual AYP goal of 18.29 percent. Floyd students earned a score of 70 in reading, higher than the AYP goal of 37 percent.
“We were disappointed with math in the middle school,” Mark Dunlap of the Floyd School Board said. “We feel there is room for improvement for all grades. We want to strengthen our math, but we don’t want to short up other subjects.”
Dunlap said school board members are looking into the cost of constructing new bathrooms in between the football and baseball fields. He said the money would come out of current operational expenses. Dunlap said the new staff is anxious to get started and teachers are preparing their classrooms for the start of the school year.
Elida will start its school year on Monday, Portales on Tuesday, Floyd on Aug. 17, Dora on Aug. 18, Brown Elementary on Aug. 22 and Faith Triumphant Christian School on Aug. 31.