Aug. 17 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

Much-needed moisture has come into the area over the past few days. There have been various amounts in each area, some up to two-and-a-half inches. The crops on non-irrigated fields do need that water.

My 3-year-old neice did not have cancer. The tests showed an infection, possibly from a pet. She is doing fine.

Welcome home
Gerald and Jo Gaines have moved back on the Gaines farm south of Dora, by Gerald’s mother Iris. Jo will be teaching in the special education department at Dora Schools. Gerald is the youngest son of Iris and the late L.C. Gaines.

No South County news
Phones calls didn’t go through to the South County area, as carriers were busy throughout the day. Nobody could be reached for news from the area.

Dora Schools will delay its opening again to Monday. There are still problems with leaks.