Couple brings pictures new life

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: The following is a part of an ongoing series of stories about local business owners in Portales.

If a picture can say a thousand words, a husband and wife team in Portales is finding ways for the picture to say even more.

John Lowry-King and Betty King-Lowry owners of 2Talents Digital Media in Portales specialize in portrait and event photography and Web design, but as Lowry-King said, one of the main money-makers is virtual reality photography. He said he and his wife have worked with bed and breakfast hotels giving travelers a more in-depth look at hotel rooms.
Instead of the regular still shots, people can click on a room photo and rotate around to see the rest of the room. The virtual reality photography allows people to take virtual tours of hotels or real estate as well as other uses.

“I’ve looked at Web sites and they don’t have this type of photography,” Lowry-King said. “There are people who want to know more about what the rooms look like.”

People can also view surround site images of the Portales High School Maypole event and the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque on the 2Talents Digital Media Web site. The PHS Maypole is a traditional event in which the girls wear bright-colored dresses and the boys wear tuxedos and dance in a circle wrapping streamers onto poles.

King-Lowry said she deals more with the abstract and artistic aspects of the pictures. She composes the settings.
Lowry-King and King-Lowry both take pictures of weddings and create DVDs from people’s personal photos. Recently, they finished a project putting together a DVD for a 50-year class reunion.

The DVD was created with photos of Seminole High School students in Oklahoma. Some of the photos were 50 years and older. Lowry-King said the woman who purchased the DVDs was able to view the DVDs before taking them to the reunion.

“Her eyes filled up with tears (remembering fond memories),” Lowry-King said. “She was so pleased with the DVD.”

Lowry-King said putting together the DVD took between 30 to 40 hours. Lowry-King put the images to music and was able to make the sense of motion with the photos.
King-Lowry said she loves the photo restoration part of the job.

King-Lowry said she was touched to see the interaction of a mother and her two boys through the photos taken.

“We talked about taking pictures of her and the boys,” King-Lowry said. “They boys didn’t like having their pictures taken, but we are able to get them to relax and they had fun. It really comes out in the pictures and she started crying when she saw them.”

King-Lowry said she envisions the company being able to create virtual tours of natural history museums or national parks for the physically-challenged and the elderly.

2Talents Digital Media has been open for business three years in Portales. Lowry-King has been working with photography dating back to his college years.

“When I was in college, I fell in love with it (photography),” Lowry-King said. “I tell Betty every day, I feel like I’m living the life of my dreams. It doesn’t seem like work to me.”

For more information on pricing, people can go to the 2Talents Digital Media Web site or call 693-2347.