Sept. 25 week School Menus

Monday: Cold cereal, graham crackers, juice and milk
Tuesday: Breakfast bar, toast w/jelly, juice and milk
Wednesday: Cheese omelet, flour tortilla, juice and milk
Thursday: Ham, english muffin, juice and milk
Friday: Cold cereal, yogurt, juice and milk

Monday: Pig in blanket, baked beans, chilled fruit, ice cream and milk
Tuesday: Chicken strips, mashed potatoes with gravy, chilled fruit and milk
Wednesday: BBQ pork, roll, fries, chilled fruit and milk
Thursday: Hand made pizza, veggie sticks with dip, chilled fruit and milk
Friday: Frito pie, corn, fresh fruit and milk

Monday: Glazed donuts, cereal assorted, choice- apple, orange, or fruit juice, milk
Tuesday: Scrambled eggs, bacon side, cereal assorted, choice-apple, orange, or fruit juice, milk
Wednesday: Pop tart, cereal assorted choice-apple, orange or fruit juice, milk
Thursday: Hot oatmeal, toast, cereal assorted, choice-apple, orange or fruit juice, milk
Friday: Breakfast burrito, cereal assorted choice – apple, orange or fruit juice, milk

Monday: Poor man’s steak, green beans, hot roll, vegetable salad, apricots, milk
Tuesday: Beef stew, grill cheese sandwich, celery sticks, peach cobbler, milk
Wednesday: Beef burrito, vegetable salad, fruit jello, milk
Thursday: Spaghetti and meat sauce, green beans, rolls, milk (burritos for middle and high school)
Friday: Pepperoni and cheese, corn, vegetable salaad, banana pudding, milk