Officials determine costs for new skate park

By Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

Portales Skate Park Organization members have already determined a location and on Tuesday evening they determined a cost of $50,000 and a design for a new skate park.

In the middle of August, the Portales Recreation Board members approved the location of the new skate park to be a 14,400 square-foot area on the north portion of the Portales Recreation Center parking lot.

Portales Skate Park Organization members will present the cost estimates and designs to the Portales Recreation Board for approval at noon on Thursday in the Portales Recreation Center. If the recreation board approves the costs and designs, the proposal will go before the Portales City Council.

The proposed skatepark would be at least 66 feet from 18th Street and 100 feet from South Avenue I. The proposed park would also be surrounded by a chain-link fence.

Lorenzo Baca of the Portales Skate Park Organization said a possibility for the ramps could be that they be made out of wood, but the organization would rather use concrete because of the long-lasting ability and lower maintenance of it.

Baca said just to lay the concrete down for the area would cost approximately $10,000. The other factors in the $50,000 cost are ramps, benches and any labor required.

“Making them out of wood would give us some time while we are accumulating funds,” Jimmie Shiner, a skater and Portales Skate Park Organization member, said citing it as a temporary solution until they get enough money for concrete ramps.

Mary Carvey of the Portales Skatepark Organization said city officials have told her they can provide the labor needed for digging up the asphalt and preparing the ground for concrete work.

Carvey said the design will have grass around the skate park with benches and trees for shade. Carvey said the goal is to lay the concrete down with the ramps with the first set of funds, then later on raise more money to build a fence around the skate park.

Shiner said he would like to see a fence put up as soon as possible after the concrete work is done.

“There’s going to be a large increase in traffic to the area,” Shiner said. “Some kids have a tendency to walk through it. It could cause some problems. We want to at least have a fence up, making it visible. It’s very important as far as safety.”

Carvey said she wants to have a fence put up also, but depending on how much money they initially raise, they may have to pay for the concrete work first then return to build the fence.

“A lot of money is needed up front for concrete,” Carvey said. “Let’s get some of the ramps first and then we’ll put up a fence.”

Carvey said she will set up a bank account in case people want to make donations and will seek grants. Organization members said they are planning to have a car wash, bake sale, computer and beef raffles.

Carvey and Baca both said the goal is to have completion of the skate park within one year. The skate park at the Portales Rotary Park will stay open until then.