Sept. 28 Elida News

By Dianne Kemp

Field Trip
Mrs. Kemp’s psychology class took a field trip to the ENMU Speech and Hearing Clinic to observe how psychology was integrated into an educational mental health resource clinic. Mrs. Bird gave a tour of the clinic and explained how clients were evaluated and admitted into programs offered at the ENMU Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Capitan Tournament
The Lady Tigers placed fourth in the Capitan Tournament last week.

Talent Search
Talent Search took three students: Sian Bird, Steven Russell, and Fred Moore to Clovis Community College to attend “College Day.” Recruiters from New Mexico and west Texas colleges and universities gave out application packets and scholarship packets to students. Russell stated that he was able to explore the various opportunities higher education had to offer.

Miss Congeniality
Congratulations to Robert Fraze. His daughter, Desiree Markham was elected Miss Congeniality at the New Mexico State Fair Queen contest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

ENM State Fair
Several students from Elida will be participating at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair next week.