Board requests skate park budget

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

Portales Recreation Board members want some fine-tuning and a final proposal presented to them by the Portales Skate Park Organization members before approving a new skate park.

Recreation board officials listened to a presentation from skate park club members on Thursday during a meeting. Recreation board members have already given approval of a location on city property, a 14,400 square-foot area on the north part of the Portales Recreation Center.

Mary Carvey and Lorenzo Baca of the PSPO put together a cost of $50,000 and a design for a new skate park.

“They (recreation board members) want us to come up with specific figures and a break down of the costs,” Carvey said.
Breakdown of costs would be specific costs for benches, to plant trees, concrete, labor and ramps.

Carvey said a final proposal must be given to the recreation board members during a meeting at the Portales Recreation Center on Oct. 13. If approved there, it will go before the city council on Oct. 18.

Ron Jackson, recreation board president, said the board representatives want a break down of the fundraisers planned, also. Jackson said the $50,000 cost could also be evaluated to see if, through donations and fundraisers, it could be covered.

“They’re looking at a cost of $20,000 to lay the concrete for concrete and labor,” Jackson said. “They said they may be able to have volunteers, experienced in those trades, do the labor work to knock down the cost.”

Jackson said the cost can also come down more if the City of Portales officials have some of the material already, rather than purchasing new material. Jackson said fences taken down from other city parks could be used for the new skate park.

PSPO people have said some of the fundraisers they want to have are car washes, bake sales and raffles.