Oct. 2 Public Record

The following dispositions were recently filed in district court:
Larry Brooks, 20, pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated burglary and is ordered to serve six months in jail followed by by 12 months of probation, pay $105 in fines and enter batterer’s intervention.

Sally Puebla, 29, pleaded guilty to aggravated fleeing from a law enforcement officer and is ordered to serve an 18-month deferred sentence with 18 months of probation and pay $105 in fines

Chyee Rodriguez, 24, pleaded guilty to accessory to burglary of a vehicle and two counts of forgery is ordered to serve three years in jail followed by two years of probation and pay $315 in fines.

Kayla Krattiger, 22, pleaded guilty of attempted possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and is ordered to serve a 364-day suspended sentence, serve 364 days of probation and pay $80 in fines.

The following marriages were recently filed at the Roosevelt County Courthouse:
•Justin Brown, 21, and Lynsy Jones, 22, both of Floyd.

• Brian Williams, 26, and Exie Starr, 28, both of Portales.

• James Jensen, 23, and Rachel Frederickson, 21, both of Portales.

• Juan Mendoza, 29, and Mary Ann Munoz, 32, both of Portales.

• Kyle Dutton, 25, and Shellie Tixier, 24, both of Portales.

• Nathan Wolf, 23, and Adriana Leyvas, 23, both of Portales.

• Robert Neely, 25, of Santa Rosa, to Jillian Roberts, 22, of Portales.

• Larry Joe Brooks, 58, and Christine Gesh, 35, both of Ochelate, Okla.

• James Mitchell, 42, of Portales, and Carrie Cunningham, 27, of Clovis.

• Shawn Payne, 36, and Laura Potter, 43, both of Amarillo.

• Josh Valencia, 22, and Shae Heflin, 18, both of Portales.

• Chris Tebo, 31, and Tiffany Levacy, 21, both of Portales.

• Emilio Rodriguez, 50, and Antonia Pena, 47, both of Portales.

• Mario Gonzales, 27, and Stefanie Navarette, 30, both of Portales.

• Chad Chandler, 29, and Shannon Bennett, 23, both of Portales.

• Walter Chambers, 24, and Karen Johnson, 25, both of Portales.

• Quentin Kennedy, 22, and Jessica Bryant, 20, both of Portales.