Farwell loses in “comedy of errors”

By Jesse Wolfersberger: Freedom Newspapers

FARWELL — The Steers collapsed under the pressure of a superior foe, unable to even punt effectively. Twice they snapped the ball over the punter’s head and once the punter’s shoe came off.

Nazareth (8-0, 3-0) continued to steamroll all oncomers with a 50-0 shutout at Farwell (3-5, 2-1).

“It was a comedy of errors,” Farwell coach Jacob Thompson said. “When you snap the ball over the punter’s head twice, you try to throw the ball once in the second half and it gets returned for a touchdown, they hold the ball for two plays and score three touchdowns, it’s a comedy of errors.”

The first time a ball was snapped over punter Derrick Chandler’s head, the Swifts pounced on the ball for a touchdown. The second time, Chandler was forced to kick it out of the back of the end zone for a safety.

At one point, a Steers’ punting error did not hurt them on the scoreboard, but it summed up Farwell’s Friday night.
“The punter’s shoe came off,” Thompson said. “I haven’t seen that except on the elementary playground. I don’t even know how to describe it.”

Nazareth took control of the game in the first six minutes. Tucker Waggoner picked off a pass from Chandler and the Swifts were in the end zone the next play with a 50-yard touchdown pass from Dustin Schulte to Nathan Huseman.

The Steers’ second series went the same as the first. Chandler was picked off by Cameron Cluck and on the next play, Zane Farris scooted 14-yard for the touchdown.

There was no interception on Farwell’s third series, but a high snap on the punt attempt put Nazareth in the end zone again, ahead 21-0 on only two offensive plays.

The Steers finished 2-13 passing and rushed 26 times for 78 yards.

The Swifts have beaten every opponent this season by at least 20 points.

“If we continue to play well, we have a chance to run the table these next two weeks,” Nazareth coach Ricky Peacock said. “Then we’ll get a bye week and we’ll see what happens in the playoffs.”

Peacock’s quarterback thinks the playoffs will go something like the regular season.

“Oh, we’re going all the way,” Schulte said. “It’s in our heads, we’re going all the way.”